A New Responsive Look

I finally found the time to get on with a responsive design for www.borislavkiprin.com. And guess what, it is a work in progress…

This is the third visual and front-end technology change on my website. I started back in 2008 with a static HTML based site, and then in 2010, I moved to WordPress and blogging. Since then, the web has changed a lot. WordPress’ evolution moved on as well. Yours truly has grown digitally, too (although I must admit, it took me some time…).

Every user visiting my site shall be able to browse it on every device out there (desktop computer, laptops of all sizes, mobile phone and tablets) and experience pretty much the same look and feel. The whole idea is to focus on the content and its readability, simplicity and better user experience.

Why do I say that it is a work in progress?

The new WP theme I am using offers much more publishing capabilities than the one I had before. So, within the next few weeks or months, I will be optimising the blog posts and my photography portfolio to get the most out of these opportunities and offer you a better user experience.

What can you expect with this change?

I will continue blogging about matters concerning Digital Marketing and Usability. I will also go on with some more personal thoughts. I will also post more on the trips I take and the places I see, through posting pictures. The Photography page will be completely redesigned in terms of content strategy and look and feel.

Do you like the new design? If you have any comments or recommendations, you would like to share in the Comments’ section below?

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