Design Is A Job – The Book

There is this book out there (part of the A Book Apart series)… It deals with running a business, any business. No, it is not only about the design business. This book is called “Design Is A Job” by Mike Monteiro.

Mike Monteiro shares his experience along the road running Mule Design, what he learned and what he had to tackle. There is so much truthfulness about fees, contracts, approach, lawyers, clients etc. Hell, it is the reality!

Mike keeps it down to earth and straight. No BS-ing you around, just the way he rolls on Twitter(@Mike_FTW).  In his book, he will walk you through the following chapters of goodness:

Part 1

  1. What Is a Designer?
  2. Getting Clients (Read this chapter online)
  3. Choosing the Right Clients
  4. Charging for Your Work
  5. Working with Contracts

Part 2

  1. Sticking to Your Process
  2. Presenting Design
  3. Managing Feedback
  4. Getting Your Money
  5. Working with Others

Last year, I advised on a couple of projects. I invested quite some hours in them. Have I read Mike’s book beforehand, I would have made the right choice and decline them. All the signs were there – me, being shy to ask for my fee; them, not even saying “thank you”; and what I presume, both of us ending up with bitter feelings… I was, for sure.

Whether you are about to freelance or you already are, get the book! If you run you your own business, get the book! Just get the book!

You can buy Mike Monteiro’s book at

Read the book? What was your take on it? Share in the comments below!

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