Hitting 100K Views On SlideShare

Earlier this week “Apple’s iPhone Launch Marketing Strategy Analysis” I published on my SlideShare channel back on Jan 08, 2010, reached the 100,000 views point.

Apple’s iPhone Launch Marketing Strategy Analysis” is a paper I wrote in the last months of 2009 as final work on my Marketing course while getting my Masters of Digital Marketing in Instituto de Empresa. And while I see many areas that can be improved and the thesis being actually expanded, I am thrilled that it was found useful by so many people, in one way or another.

The analysis is far from perfect, and I remember my professor mentioning a few things that could be improved. But giving the set rules of the game at the time was very close to an A. And I kept her suggestions to myself and learned from it.

Now, in 2013, I see that Apple guys have actually thought and worked on some of the suggestions I made. I am pretty much sure that they didn’t look at them and thought “Boy, we gotta do what this guy says!”, but it is nice to see that I was on the right path… And it feels great!

Even for that over 100,000 views, I am glad I published “Apple’s iPhone Launch Marketing Strategy Analysis” on my channel.  All the documents and presentations I have uploaded on SlideShare were works done while being in b-school.  They are not getting as much attention as this analysis, but that’s OK.  However, they still prove to me that there were a point and opportunity there on SlideShare.

"Apple Strategy" Analytics 24.01.2012
“Apple iPhone Launch Marketing Strategy” Analytics 24.01.2012

I want to thank every one of the 45 people who left comments so far. Each and every one of them is highly appreciated.

I would also like to thank tommytoy.typepad.com to contribute with 16,368 views by having the “Apple’s iPhone Launch Marketing Strategy Analysis” embedded on the site. Wow!!! You rock!

Last but not least, I hold a warm spot in my professional heart to my professor – María López-Escorial. You guided me through writing it and your comments and suggestions are beyond appreciated. Thank you, Maria!

If you haven’t read “Apple’s iPhone Launch Marketing Strategy Analysis” yet, please find it below and tell me what you think in the comment section below.

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