Service Design – The Book

“Service Design”, subtitled “From Insight to Implementation” by Andy Polaine, Lavrans Løvlie & Ben Reason.

Service Design has been a field I wanted to dig in for a while. And the geek that I am, I was looking for a book to start… Well, apart from all the blog posts I read here and there. The book that Polaine, Løvlie and Reason wrote is a practical guide on how to start and march through this complex task of creating pleasant service design.  In addition to the actionable advice, many examples put notions into perspective and create a shared reference in the reader’s mind. And this certainly helps the newbie to start pondering on the topic.

This book references the complexity of service interaction and the various touchpoints on different platforms/places. In the interconnected times, we live in, it only makes sense to address design in a much more pervasive way than we used to a few years ago. Just going throuGoinge studies presented in Service Design, one can get a few ideas on making the making’s service offering better.

Service Design offers a pool of explanations, methods, insights, practical guidance and much more, as you can see right below in the Table of Contents :

  • Chapter 1: Insurance Is a Service, Not a Product
  • Chapter 2: The Nature of Service Design
  • Chapter 3: Understanding People and Relationships
  • Chapter 4: Turning Research into Insight and Action
  • Chapter 5: Describing the Service Ecology
  • Chapter 6: Developing the Service Proposition
  • Chapter 7: Prototyping Service Experiences
  • Chapter 8: Measuring Services
  • Chapter 9: The Challenges Facing Service Design

I found this book easy to read and making me even ask for more. I certainly hope that Andy (@apolaine), Lavrans and Ben won’t stop here and will continue sharing their experience and insights from creating great service designs.

This book is for everyone who owns a business, manages a product, designs a website, or wonders how some services deliver a pleasant experience and others don’t.

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Have you read the book? What was your take on it? Share in the comments below!

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