“Infographic Of The Day” Has A Brand New Look

“Infographic of the Day” is a Tumblr-based blog I have been maintaining for more than 3 years now. Every day I am trying to offer a new visualization of data that I find interesting, compelling, or simply useful to have a look at. As of today, it features 1216 infographics and 432 followers.

At the very beginning, I was only sharing infographics related to digital marketing in all its aspects – social media, search engine optimization, paid search, campaign management, information architecture and user experience, mobile marketing, e-commerce, and so on. Then I started featuring other data visualization works on my blog – sports, health, humor, and more. There are subscribers on my blog that appear to be appreciating the variety.

Ever since I have created the “Infographic of the Day” blog, I wanted to change the layout and offer a more user-friendly and visually pleasant one. The trouble with the old version was that, although it featured content that is linked to the original source, some infographics were too big to look good on a smaller scale. There were also too many colors around the posts (background, buttons, frames, etc.) that were distracting the user from being able to look at what is important – the infographics. I also wanted to offer mobile access to the visitors at “Infographic of the Day” – the old theme was simply not responsive.

And this is why I have decided to invest in the paid Tumblr theme 45royale offers. It offers actually more that I had in mind I needed. Just to give you an idea, these are all the options available:

– Custom accent colors for personalized customization

– Fully responsive, so the content looks great on every device

– Retina-ready icons and text

– Use an avatar or personalize further with a custom logo

– Include a featured image to add a personal touch

– Page support so one can create and manage additional pages

– Infinite scrolling that automatically loads more posts as one gets to the bottom of the page

– Enter your Twitter username to show the publisher’s most recent tweet

– Show your Instagram, Pinterest, and Flickr posts right on the Tumblr blog

– Visitors can leave comments via Facebook

– Google Analytics support to track user activity

As you can see for yourself, now “Infographic of the Day” has a much cleaner look and a clear focus on the content. All the additional elements and functionalities are on a subtle lower level – static pages, social media profile links, my Instagram, and Flickr pictures. Even my most recent tweet is placed right at the bottom (don’t ask me why I have it at all, but it is there).

The optimization of the new design is work in progress, as usual. So, if you have any recommendations, comments, or suggestions on how to make your visit more agreeable and satisfying, please do let me know.

And if you haven’t already subscribed “Infographic of the Day”, click on the “+ Follow borislavkiprin” button and you will be receiving from that moment on an infographic every day into your Tumblr timeline.

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