Lisboa – Cidade da Luz

Lisboa (we know it as Lisbon) was a destination I’ve always wanted to visit. I have heard so much from people who have been there, saw it on the big and small screens in movies and documentaries, made plans… Finally, last March I found myself in Portugal’s capital.

The views, the food, the people… None of my written words would be good enough to transfer my impressions to you and know for sure that I have managed to entice at least a few of you to visit Lisboa. I took 498 pictures and waited for more than nine months to show some of them to you. I wanted my infatuation to cool down. Impossible.

When you go to Lisboa walk. Walk a lot! Eat as much as you can – the famous Pastéis de Belém, pulpo or any other seafood, the Portuguese meat! Drink Vinho Verde or go for the stronger Vinho Tinto! Watch the young people enjoy each other’s company in the center of the city, the peacocks up at the castle, and the amused tourists taking pictures of them, the seniors of Lisbon dancing to the sounds of the street bands! Go and listen to Fado and let the voice of Saudade (longing)… Just submerge yourself in the city experience!

Although I took 498 photos, I will be sharing with you below only 32 of them. The rest… I urge you to make your own impressions of Lisboa when you visit the City of Light.

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