Stockholm – The Capital Of Scandinavia

Stockholm was yet another trip long belonging to my list. And in recent years it was itching big time, especially after I have read the Millennium trilogy by Stieg Larsson. In fact, I was reading the continuation written by David Lagencrantz – “The girl in the spider’s web”. Stieg Larsson is no longer among us, but this wonderful city is pretty much there and it looks even more amazing than described in his novels.

The bucket list is the real reason to travel up north in September 2015. It was not just the desire to walk the narrow streets of Gamla Stan or one of the other 13 islands in Stockholm. It was not the Vasa museum where century-old naval history meets the present and shows an exquisite and totally preserved ship at the display. It was not also the quite rich and delicious cuisine the city can offer to its visitors (Boy, do they put mayo on everything!). It was a U2 concert.

It felt like I was waiting for this moment all my life. And I still cannot find the words to describe what I felt when I saw the two bands that helped me make it through my teenage and China years. Perhaps some other time when the writing muse visits me…

There is a lot to do in Stockholm. It is unbelievable how many museums they have. I would personally recommend Fotografiska, Skansen, Vasa Museum, and Moderna Museet. And you must grab a bite at Östermalms’ Saluhall. Really, you should! Also, take the subway (red or blue lines) and visit all these wonderfully painted stops along the way. They are truly something.

The rest… Well, the rest is below in the pictures.

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