Basel – A Photographic Impression

Basel is a city of many virtues and sights. It is a rich one not only history-wise but also in modern happenings. There is always something happening in the city.

For us, it was interesting to browse through the streets, churches, and museums and learn about the Protestant Reformation and how the city came to be the way it is now. There were also many surprises along the way from day one. We saw a cafeteria for the first time being established in a… church. In that very protestant church, we saw an exhibition of the different types of veils Muslim women use to cover their heads. Here goes the prejudice of firm limits to the Christian faith. It seems that there is a way to cross those borders people impose on themselves. Well, the Church just as much.

We traveled to Basel in the middle of the summer. In fact, we arrived during a hot period for the city’s weather channel – 30+ degrees Celsius. It felt indeed stuffy. Naturally, the eagerness to dip in the Rhine River was understandable. However, we have never expected to see the local getting out of work, stripping down to their bathing suits, stuffing the rest of the clothing in a duffel bag, and after throwing it into the river, jumping right in. It has a jaw-dropping effect on tourists. So much that people actually line up and buy this particular duffel bag and take it home as a souvenir. We didn’t get one, though. Our bag collection contains already one too many.

In July there is also this army band festival, which features musicians from all over the world – a rather funky experience. Besides, that one might be also interested in other venues, such as an FC Basel football game, a pretty high-level tennis tournament or simply trying to figure out how many pharmaceutical companies are headquartered there. Good luck with that last one! Especially, when you are trying not to use Google.

Oh, and last but not least, the zoo is simply wonderful. It is a must-see when in Basel. We saw our first baby hippo there. But there are also other species that will certainly make your visit worthwhile.

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