Enigma turned 25 years old yesterday and launched Enigma Moments. The date marks the launch of the debut album “MCMXC a.D.” in 1990. Michael Cretu explains himself the project here.

Fans are able to create their own Enigma Moments by song or album, upload a picture, write their message and even put a particular date to pinpoint their Enigma history in time. It is a very easy form with a slick design and functionality.

Since yesterday afternoon the official Enigma website has changed its skin and content and now features the opportunity to share a moment one has experience while listening to Enigma’s song or album. I saw this morning that quite a lot of fans had already uploaded their moments. It is amazing to see how many different people relate to the music in a whole spectrum of experiences and happenings. And I, personally, find this idea amazing.

Just like 5 years ago, when the musical project marked its twentieth anniversary with Enigma Social Song, this time yet again they are breaking the digital grounds with writing the Enigma history together with the fans – Enigma Moments. Enigma Social Song was a highly successful and groundbreaking effort that wrote digital history by writing a song online together with the fans. This time Michael Cretu, the musical mastermind behind Enigma, is giving the floor to the fans, while he is busy working on E8 album. It is to hit the market at some point next year, by the way.

In case you don’t know who Enigma is, here is the official business card: “Enigma is one of the most successful musical projects in the past 25 years, with more than 70 million records sold worldwide, 60 #1 chart positions and 100 platinum awards. It has sheltered, to this day, the most differing cultures from the various areas and times of all the earthly continents in rhythm, sound and voices. With the intention of creating a omnicultural world of sound, his creator Michael Cretu describes Enigma as a “self inventing continuity“.

Read more about Enigma Moments and, if their music touched you in any way, be sure to create your own moment!

Image source: enigmaspace.com

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