The Pretenders. Here Is To Them!

There are these people who do not bend under the circumstances. The underdogs. The pretenders. The ones who never give up no matter what challenges they face. These are the people who live by a higher codex and purpose. They are not a lot out there.

These are the men and women who read between media propaganda lines, who make the world move forward and progress in every sphere. These are the humans who laugh at the face of rejection, deceit and social exclusion. These are the ones to whom skin pigmentation, religion, ethnic origin and sexual orientation means nothing more than a mere notion of difference, but not a base to judge another. These are the people who take one, maybe two per cent, of the world’s population. These are the pretenders.

They are not for sale. They are the ones that sell a better case, a better way, or a better place… They believe on their own. They trust on their own. They move on their own. To many, they seem crazy, outrageous, ridiculous or any other inexplicable convention out there.

The pretenders never give up. They don’t seek approval or understanding. They live their Judgment Day every day, for they are their own judges. They deny submission to the status quo. They move on after being rejected. They stray away from the wolf pack. Deep down, they are always alone.

They successfully pretend that the world can be a better place. Their reality is not yours. Their soul is not for you to take, and neither their thoughts are. They are the few originating the waves, the big tsunamis. They are the force that no man can stop. They are big pretenders.

Here is to every single one of them – a shot of aged single malt amber liquid!

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