Cesky Krumlov – A Day Trip

Cesky Krumlov (Český Krumlov) is yet another proof that Europe is old. This southern Czech city is an exhibit of times long gone but yet preserved for the generation to come to see and admire. And it justifies completely itself as a UNESCO heritage site.

One autumn day, we have joined forces with a fellow traveler – Emil Stefanov, and hit the road bound northeast of Munich through highways and small roads, hills, and valleys and the picturesque golden clothing of the woods. It was simply a fantastic day trip.

Now, Emil has already published a great post with pictures and references. Be sure to read it! He’s equally possessed by the force of travel and takes a trip any chance he gets. There is a lot to be learned from him.

But let’s get back to Cesky Krumlov the way I have experienced it… For the first time I’ve got to drink a beer which was half pilsner and half dark. I have to say that it was just delicious. The food was also pretty good, but the walk through the old town… That was something else indeed. Cobbled stone alleys and roads cut through the medieval architecture. Colors everywhere indeed – on facades, rooftops, castle, and monastery. And the garden… Well, the garden was complimented by the autumn colors, but I am sure it looks equally beautiful and peaceful during the other three seasons.

You don’t believe me? Check the photos below! And if you have already visited Cesky Krumlov, do let me know what you liked the most. If you haven’t started planning the trip!

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