So, this thing happened, my American friends, uh? Donald Trump is the elected president to assume office in a couple of months. And although a couple of months ago I said he will be the next president of USA, I hoped until early this morning that I would be wrong.

I wanted to see a woman president. I wanted to see someone who would stand up for minorities of all kinds, defend the LGBT community, care about African-American lives and work hard to bring down the walls of prejudice and stereotypes. I dreamt of someone well-versed in international politics and being genuinely able to navigate the complicated political apparatus at home and abroad. I hoped for someone who would stand up for USA’s allies around the world. I wanted Hillary Rodham Clinton, who albeit her faults was talking the talk and walking the walk in these directions. Instead, we all got Donald Trump. Not only you but so did the rest of the world.

Candidate Trump has won fair and square. He played by the rules. The new rules. Now, hold on and don’t drop your jaw!

We are long past the times when politicians had to stick to good language, well-defined policy proposals and giving as much directed information, as possible. These are the old rules. The very same Mrs Clinton played by.

The new rules are quite the opposite. The more vulgar and explicit the candidate is, the more vague and superlative he is about his program and policies, the more disinformation he and his allies pour out, the more successful the candidate is. It is all one big show. And Donald Trump played greatly this game. He pushed every single button and embraced the fears of many Americans. Any fear. Even yours.

He is not the first doing that. In Europe, it is an already established tradition. Oh, yes, we have seen many of those. Here it is, I said it. The Old Continent beat you to that. It was only a question of time for it to spread.

Please don’t despair! Please don’t try to move to Canada just yet! Or Europe, for that matter. Although, I think we can make some place for you, too.

You’d ask me why? Because no one knows just yet what kind of president Mr Trump would be. Speaking out of an experience, almost none of the candidates does what they preached before being elected. This is just how the system works. They are all dependent on other politicians, who in most of the cases have a different agenda. And there is the government apparatus, which plays by its own rules and we all know that change there comes only after the return of prophet.

I am sure the aides and the government would keep him in check. At least for the most part. Remember George W Bush? The USA survived him, you did, and so did we. And after he came to the first African-American president of the USA.

You can also do something about it. You are not entirely helpless. Keep him in check, by putting pressure on him! Exercise your wonderful right to freedom of speech (not everyone abroad has it). Speak out every time when you don’t agree! And if you see a minority being annihilated, stand right next to them and make it your cause! Cause next time it might be you.

Now, most of my American friends are women. They happen to be all proud, intelligent and stand up human beings. They don’t keep their mouth shut before fear and injustice. I know they can survive the next four years. The same goes for the American men, I know. They have all travelled the world and seen things. They are very smart, too. I am sure they will manage, too. You all will!

Just think of something.. Four years from now, there could be another proud, intelligent and stand up woman running for president. She could be also African-American. Wouldn’t you be delighted? I sure would.

Smile, life goes on! And if you need a break, there’s always a cold Bavarian for you at my place.



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