Writing Eloquence

When I started with my writing eloquence challenge, I put a goal of a minimum 300-word text every working day. So far, I have missed writing once or twice and on a couple of days, I felt extra wordy, and two texts came out under my fingers.

I guess I never fully understood how difficult it is to write every day consistently. It is not due to a lack of ideas, just the opposite. It is the structuring of my rumblings and putting them into something resembling a coherent chain of thought.

Once, I read somewhere that a major point in setting a writing challenge is to produce structured texts whenever and wherever. This naturally comes after an amount of text being produced regularly within a large period of time. I think I am starting to fully appreciate the challenge now.

Day after day, I sit in front of my writing app and type. Success and originality don’t matter right now. I am going for the habit and pushing through the obstacles. Sometimes it comes easy, another time sit is quite of a push. And although it is tough to imagine myself going through the proverbial 10 000 hours of practice, I want to continue.

It all boils down to the coming up with a topic, formulating a thought and laying out originally. Original in the sense of not repeating yourself with vocabulary or thoughts used in previous texts. And that last part seems to be the most difficult one.

Human beings possess eloquence based on how much they have read, heard or learned. In that sense, it is fair to say that eloquence is somewhat limited and not an endless well to drink from. Or at least, I seem to be falling within this framework.

In any case, it would be interesting for me to look back in a couple of months from now and see the progress I have made, not only in terms of persistence but also my writing’s structure, style and coherence.

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