The Man And The Sunlight

It is raining, but the other day it wasn’t. I was walking towards the subway stop when the sunlight broke the clouds and lit up everything around.

As I stood on the edge of the stairs, the elevator next to me started moving a middle-aged man appeared coming out of the underpass. His face was immediately touched by the sun rays,, and I saw his eyes squint and then completely shut. Face up, he stood still with his head lifted up, savouring the light.

For the next seven seconds, he did not budge. It was only him and the sunlight. It looked like a meeting of long-lost lovers staring at each other before they make their next move. The sunlight was there for him, and he was there for her. Still and not paying attention to the world around.

The sunlight was taking her time, and he didn’t mean to do anything to interrupt her. One could read the profession of his love for her on his face. A bit egoistic, but isn’t that what one in love is? He just stood there and took everything he could get. And she was more than ready to give.

At the end of those seven seconds, he had to bow his head and look at the ending escalator strip. The moment was over, and I could see the disappointment seizing his face. Then the hope of another place, another time overtook. He will see her again, and she will embrace him the way she just did. Unconditionally. Lovingly. Entirely.

This love affair was intense and yet somewhat peaceful. My accidental voyeurism felt a bit uncomfortable, but for some reason, I was not feeling ashamed. This private moment was another proof that all is love, and all love is.

Photo credit: Pablo by Buffer

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