A Man And His Spoon

Last night, I became a witness to a very trivial moment between a man and his spoon. Nothing really out of the ordinary, just something that one sees every day, but not in this particular situation and sequence of events – an operator and an object working together to produce a necessary outcome.

Several minutes after dinner, the man stood up and walked towards the kitchen. He opened the lid of the 2.5 kg canister containing protein powder. Grabbed a soup sized spoon and dug deep to grab a full one. Then he poured the spoon’s content into one of the bottles, runners carry on their belts during their training on Sundays. The next on the recipe list was half of a litter of still water, and instead of shaking the bottle for five seconds, he proceeded with stirring using that very spoon.

He seemed to have gulped the stirred protein shake not in one, but in two takes. Not pacing himself, not feeling it, just consuming a big amount of water like the usual and trivial part of life. And if it wasn’t for the spoon he used, I would probably not have noticed it either.

When purchasing a protein powder, the canister or the bag containing it comes with a plastic dose for the user to take the right portion for the shake. And this was the first time, I saw someone forgoing the dose and opting for a soup spoon instead.

He seemed to be more comfortable with the spoon he used for everything else and the bottle he was hydrating from during his training sessions. The man saw with the spoon this as natural and more comfortable, while my OCD was wrapping my mind around his choice measuring and stirring instrument.

Photo credit: Pablo by Buffer

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