Pais Vasco, Pintxos And Rioja

I am sure that there is way more to Pais Vasco than the food and wine it is famous for – pintxos and Rioja. And yet, when I am sitting down to write the introducing words for the few photos I have taken there, my taste buds are still feeling the awesomeness Pais Vasco and Navarre cooked for us.

We found ourselves on a plane to Bilbao at the end of August. My wife had an A4 sheet with printed “Bride” stuck on her hands-on language and mine was saying “Groom”. People at the gate looked at us and smiled, while we were way too excited to think about anything else but what has just happened and the awaiting five days in Pais Vasco.

Bilbao greeted us with the biggest city fiesta we have ever seen – thousands of people on the streets, music, alcohol, and dancing everywhere and us carrying a bottle of champagne and two glasses. We were to try the pintxos on the next day. And we fell in love with them right there in Bilbao. Our sentiment deepened in Donostia San Sebastian.

The Rioja we met in Pamplona, Navarre. I’ve had it many times before, but right there and then for the first time in my life I have 3/4 of a bottle for lunch. It was a set three-course meal for two and 750 ml of the red liquid. I finally understood why siestas are necessary. Or at least my momentary loss of clear vision did.

To leave the food alone for a moment, I will do Pais Vasco an enormous injustice if I don’t take the amount to pay my respects to the wonderful and warm people of the region, the incredible landscapes, and genuine greatness of the local architecture. It will take forever to list everything that impressed us. Instead, let’s leave the photographs to speak for themselves.

PS. Thank you, Cristina and Gonzalo, you have made our trip even more special! Come to Munich!

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