The year 2018 was all over the place for me personally. I’ve had exhilarating moments and rather disappointing ones, ups and downs, a lot in the middle and many wonderful experiences around Europe and beyond.

This was the year, I finally looked beyond the tweet, the post on Facebook, the photo on Instagram, and the Swarm check-in. For a while there, I thought humankind was losing it. The amount of harassment, agenda and malicious propaganda surrogated voluntarily by pretty much everyone is simply mind-blowing. And it is all over the place, not just in social media, but also in the mainstream one.

They say that history repeats itself. If this is true, there is nothing new to the above paragraph – the majority was always superficial and oblivious about so many things. It is just that everyone has a channel to voice their opinion, no matter whether it is something of a substance or not.

2018 was also a year of me reading a lot about business, philosophy, sociology, history and political science. I only managed to go halfway to the amount I went through in 2017, but I feel somehow I have made my choice of reading more focus and qualitative. I’ve learned a lot about so many things, and the more I read, the more I come to a conclusion “You know nothing, Borislav.”

I’ve also written and published more than any other year of this website’s existence. After a long time not finding the time or the will to write, I sprinted through November and December to make up for it. And I am content.

In terms of travelling, this year was the one about island hopping. Malta and Madeira were fabulous and very different experiences of nature I have never seen before. I took some photos, but they are still sitting tight on my hard drive. I’ll get to them at some point next year.

Professionally, 2018 was a year of me learning so much about so many things. It was truly a rollercoaster, and perhaps I would write about it one day describing all these WTF and “Wow!“ moments. But not now.

The most important thing is that I got to share all of the above with someone extraordinary. Someone who is everything to me and for that I am eternally grateful.

Goodbye, 2018! Welcome, 2019! Let’s get to know each other!

Photo credit: Pablo by Buffer

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