Andy Murray, Thank You!

I was lucky enough to watch today what could be Andy Murray’s last game. Not only at the Australian Open in Melbourne, but in general. The pain has prompted him to announce that he dreams about playing Wimbledon this year, but he might be not able to.

For full disclosure purposes, I was never a big fan of his tennis. He is not as exciting of a player as Roger Federer is. But he is probably one of the biggest gentleman ever playing on the courts.

I can’t remember a single instance when Andy Murray didn’t have anything good to say about his opponent. Besides, in every game he played, he gave everything he had not shied away from the effort, sweat and pain it might have costed him. He is also a big proponent of equal rights and giving the women tennis the respect it deserves.

I honestly believe that Andy Murray made tennis (off and on the court) better. And I will miss him for that. I certainly hope he will get better and find his way back to the courts, if not as a player, but as someone who can share his experience, attitude and knowledge with the younger generations. He has so much to offer.

The tribute his pears made after the game and the nice words everyone said are evidence that everyone respects and loves him. And although Roberto Bautista Agut won in 5 sets, the clear winner was Andy Murray. The latter left the court with everything, but the progress to the next stage. And sometimes this is enough.

Get well, champ! Ensure that the pain is gone and whatever comes next, I am sure you will be as good at it as you were all these years on the court, in front of the camera or on tour!

Photo credit:Jon Nguyen [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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