Choose An F-ing Big Television

I was brought up in a part of the world and didn’t offer much during times of choice. At least not in the conventional way western society understands it, that is. All the place and time could give was life happening to everyone around me and myself.

Later on, I learned that choice happens only when you set the stage for it to appear. The same goes to living life instead of it just happening to you.

Someone close to me is about to enter adult life and instead of thinking big, or at least a few steps ahead, she is heading towards taking the option offering the least resistance. I must admit that this will save her from a few unpleasant moments and some negative, but momentary effects.

It is about where to go to school – higher education. In my experience, this turned out to be the basis of everything that follows later, not only career-wise but also on a personal level. The university and program one will predetermine what jobs will be fighting for, what kind of people will be around you and perhaps who will you partner with later on.

Unfortunately, at the age of 18, a few are equipped to know this. The majority of young people need someone with experience to point out to them the options lying ahead and tell them a story that will help them consider the opportunities.

Eighteen is exactly the time to dream big and take risks. It is also the right moment to get out of your comfort zone and figure things out while investing the next few years on laying the groundwork of what your life would be.

If you have even the slightest chance, go to a good school. Go to a university in another country, in a place different from the one you grew up in. Aim for broadening your mind and view, mastering a new language, learning to navigate a new setup. This will stage your life for choice.

So, choose wisely! Choose an f-ing big television, not to watch movies, but to be able to see live. The. Way. You. Want. To.

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