Divorce As Entertainment

Divorces are rather private and painful matter. Not because they don’t affect anyone else, but the two people parting ways. They do indeed. But behind every divorce, there is an undergone hardship, a few tears, and perhaps even abuse – verbal, psychological and even physical.

Everyone who has gone through a divorce or has been a close witness to one knows that. Of course, amicable partings are opposed to the rather crippling case when one of the partners is denying it.

But no matter how civil both parties are approaching it, it always attracts gossips, opinions, friends taking sides and onlookers discussing the matter at length. And sometimes, it feels that the latter spend way more time talking about something that is clearly none of their business.

A prominent couple decides to divorce. The next day the neighbours are talking about it, the town is discussing it, the media covers it. Who is going get what from the joint account, the furniture, the car, the children… Not necessarily in this order. One hears them say “I knew he was like this. He cheated on her!” or “She never meant to be with him for long. They just don’t match. And she is so pretty.” Total bullocks that is.

And while the unhappy couple is going through a life-altering event in both their lives, the known and unknown around make things even harder by trespassing into their personal space. They might be doing that not realising how hurtful and unhelpful it is.

The divorce of others is just another type of entertainment it seems. Even people who went through the ordeal of getting the courage to ask for a divorce, hire a lawyer, prepare all the paperwork, hold all these hourlong talks about what went wrong and how there had been way too many chances already to fix it, stood up in front of a judge, still find it a bit of show when someone else is going through the same thing.

Funny how everything that is happening to others is entertainment and when the same thing happens to you, it is an ordeal, isn’t it?

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