100th Blog Post

Sometime a week ago, I realized that the #100 blog post on www.borislavkiprin.com was inevitably due to be published. I pondered quite a long time on which topic to commemorate this event. And it is not that there aren’t any other ideas, but I felt that it would be most appropriate to write something about blogging and its fair part of my life.

I enjoy writing. On many occasions, I took upon it – sometimes trying to cope with events that have occurred, in a moment of happiness and sorrow, or simply when I felt that I had something to say. Well, not necessarily having the starting point of publishing it, but still… Every now and then I find pieces that I wrote a long time ago and going through them, I realize how much writing illustrate one’s state of mind and the subconscious perception of experiencing life. In my case, too bad that I couldn’t see through my own words on some occasions. (wink, wink)

“Hi! My name is Borislav, and I am a blogger” – No, this is not a greeting I use in my Blogger Anonymous meetings. It is a statement I make whenever I hit the button “Publish”. Whether it is my own original content or republishing someone else’s, I do blog. I also occasionally blog under the name of a client. All this is growing addictive on me.

In my mind being a blogger does not necessarily mean that you have to be posting every day or make your living through writing online. Weblogs are about sharing events, experiences, thoughts and opinions. These things in life that shine amidst la vie quotidienne, actually. And to an extent, it is also a mindset. Some people feel a bit shy and worried that publishing online means that everyone will read or see their stuff. I wish that was true… The cold truth is that your writing will be seen only by a tiny fraction of the Internet populace. But have in mind that everything once published is very hard to take off, actually pretty impossible.

There is also the thing that is related to my trade – technology. I kind of have to keep myself up to date with multiple CMS (Content Management System) platforms. But this takes care of my geeky nature. It is amazing how these solutions differ and at the same time, have a common feature ground. However, to stay competitive and knowledgeable, one shall know them well. From time to time, I have to advise people and businesses and what a schmuck would be if I  talk about something I have no clue about.

In case you want to know, I currently maintain 3 different topical blogs and publish(ed) at FatDUX’s site and the Online Masters Blog of Instituto de Empresa (unfortunately that ended when I graduated from my Master in Digital Marketing). I also microblog at Twitter, and sometimes I get the feeling that I do that too often. So here is where I currently blog:
⁃    https://blog.borislavkiprin.com – Digital Marketing, Internet & Photography showcase.
⁃    http://borislavkiprin.tumblr.com – Infographic of the Day (graphical presentation of facts & figures).
⁃    http://borislavkiprin.posterous.com – Mountains, Sports, Trekking etc.
⁃    @borislavkiprin – my private Twitter account.

If you haven’t seen the above already feel free to visit! And don’t forget to mention your blog in the comment section. Would love to read your stuff!

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