My Christmas Kindle eBook Wish List

It is that time of the year when book recommendations are flying left and right. Some of them are rather cool and deserve to ponder on and eventually buy something listed in them. But since I already blog about my readings and what I find useful, I decided to present my Christmas 2010 Kindle e-book wish list. Oh, don’t you go thinking that this is all I wish for!!! I just think that this reading shall be enough to keep me busy through the holiday season.

As usual, my readings are very much related to my trade (what a surprise here!). I presume you are not interested in what Nora Roberts book I am reading before I go to sleep. (wink, wink) So here we go with the list. By the way, if any of you feels like Santa this year, I do accept Amazon gift cards.

Another list of recommendations can be found on the FatDUX’s blog, where Eric Reiss has actually read those books before advising people to buy them.

Do you have a list on your own? Please do share in the comments!

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