Top 5 2010 Blog Posts by Borislav Kiprin

Since it is the end of the year and many of us are trying to recap everything that happened in 2010, I have decided to look into the most popular 5 blog post I have published so far.  I must say that I find the statistics Google Analytics is showing me very interesting. Posts I wrote mainly in a moment of frustration or joy, got the most visits. Those that were premeditated and pondered for a long time on stayed a bit off the light.

So without further ado, here we go with the post in order of most unique visitors:

Wikileaks, Internet and Responsibility


Wikileaks has been quite a topic this year. And although I am all about being transparent and knowing what is happening around, I can’t help but think that some information should be privy only to people who will handle it with a certain discretion. The truth is that no matter what names are replaced with XXXXXX, counterparties and clandestine services are most likely to figure out who exactly is the origin of a particular report. So, no, it is not good to publish information in such a manner. Click here to read ” Wikileaks, Internet and Responsibility” post!

HTML5 For Dummies [Infographic]

HTML5 Infographic

Well, this is the hot new coding language. Brand new and super-duper. And although this is not my original content, but rather something I found at a post by Polly Becker, it still got quite many visits. Mostly from the search on Google, but not the less. So feast on this great visual presentation. Click here to see “HTML5 For Dummies [Infographic]”!

Expandable Banners, Bulgaria & UX expandable banner

This post was written in a Word Cup frenzy mood when I checked the latest news on one of my preferred sports online papers. It shows my particular frustration and attitude towards such irresponsible digital marketing practice. Most of the visits came from outside of Bulgaria. The interesting fact here is that they are from search results featuring the exact words mentioned in the post’s title. Click here to read “Expandable Banners, Bulgaria & UX” post!

Enigma’s Social Song Is Out

This is hardly a surprise. After 3 months of collaboration with the fans, Enigma released the MMX (The Social Song). Naturally, many friends started searching online on more coverage of the event and ways to download it. This is how they increased the unique visits on my site. Click here to see the “Enigma’s Social Song is Out” post!

Trips and User Experience

FatDUX blueand

This is a post I published on, a company I am associated with. It represents my awe towards the way Germans, particularly Munich’s transportation authorities, are making my life easier. And it also gives a bit of background info on how maps that concentrate on delivering great user experience came to life. Click here to read “Trips and User Experience” at the FatDUX blog!

So feel free to browse and let me know what your favourite posts are!

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