Enigma Video Contest

After a successful 20th anniversary celebration with the fans, Enigma is launching a second event (Enigma Video Contest) in continuation with the previous one. Based on the MMX (The Social Song), Enigma and its mastermind Michael Cretu will continue their social effort with the creation of a video for the track.

Enigma fans are invited to submit their proposal at www.enigmasocialsong.com. So if you are one of those video talented individuals, go ahead and woo the fans! All you need to do is to oblige the requirements mentioned on the web page. Submissions will be accepted up until February 11, 2011. After that and upon Michael’s selection of Top 10 submitted videos, everyone will get the chance to vote and choose the official one that will represent the MMX (The Social Song).

On February 28, 2011, the winner should be announced and Enigma’s social song will have its official visual presentation – a user-generated video. Yay!

So go and check for yourself by clicking on the button below!

Here is the official newsletter that the subscribers at the Enigma’s Official Website received:

Dear Enigmatic,

On December 15, 2010, we launched our final “MMX (THE SOCIAL SONG)” as a result of an amazing interactive fan event. We have so much enjoyed the last 3 months of collaboration and we got such positive feedback that we decided to continue our journey.

People have shown their talent in singing, designing covers, and creating a song together, but one thing is missing, though – the music video. Enigma has always been popular for its outstanding visualizations… They were taking us to incredible places, telling wonderful stories, fascinating through colors and inspiring with artistic concepts. In short, Enigma’s music videos are part of a journey through “mind and heart”.

And this is what we want to do with you: We encourage everyone to submit his or her music video for our final “Social Song”! Download your copy for free and start creating another magic piece of art! “There are infinite numbers of possibilities. However, the art is to create a whole out of the countless details, fragments, and ideas. “Enigma is a kind of United Colors of Music.” Michael Cretu said ones. Follow his spirit, be original, and surprise us with something unique! Everyone is welcome! Creative individuals, communicators, and decision-makers… The social celebration continues!

The submission deadline will be February 11, 2010, at 4pm GMT+1. After closing date, Michael will select his Top10 videos, which then you can select your favorite from. The winner of the overall voting will be announced on February 28, 2010. 

As always, you can update yourself on our different social networks at Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, iTunes’ Ping, and on our landing page www.EnigmaSocialSong.com !!!

Let’s create an MMX (The Social Song) video together!

Your Enigma Team

Are you going to take part in the event?

Image source: www.enigmasocialsong.com

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