Blog Rules

Here is a shortlist of rules of behavior I expect from any visitor here at Borislav’s POV. I would appreciate it if you follow them. Thank you!

  1. All texts, pictures, and documents in this blog are done by me unless stated otherwise and in that case, the original source is mentioned.
  2. In case you are interested in the content of this blog – please don’t hesitate to contact me.
  3. In case you want to copy a text or picture – please mention this blog as the original source of information – thanks a lot in advance!
  4. This blog, as well as “Infographic Of The Day” have very little rules:
  5. I don’t hate – so please retain yourselves of being hateful too.
  6. I do accept constructive criticism, but I don’t tolerate unnecessary hate. I do accept all sorts or reasonable suggestions, comments, ideas, and points of view different from mine, as well as more info regarding the issues I write about.
  7. Aggressive, arrogant, harmful comments will be deleted, if persistent – the users will be blocked.
  8. Internet trolls are not welcome on my blog. I put them on Disqus’ Blacklist.
  9. Please follow the topic.
  10. I’d rather have people commenting here to use their real names, avatars, Gravatars, etc. When the same e-mail or IP is linked to different users – their comments will be considered as spam. Off-topic promo messages will be considered as spam. If you have a product/company worth sharing info with my readers about – please don’t hesitate to contact me, so we can figure out a way to better present the information.
  11. In case of any sorts of mistakes (grammar, punctuation, facts please feel free to correct me.