Enigma MMX Video

Today, March 17, 2011, marks the culmination of an amazing social effort. The music project Enigma, its mastermind Michael Cretu and thousands of fans from all over the globe created a song together and an official video. The song was named “MMX (The Social Song)”.

With today’s release of the Enigma MMX video, the final step was taken and I do hope that there will be more to come from the Enigma team and fans. Now it is time to lay back, relax, and savor the results from this incredible trip.

Enjoy the official “MMX (The Social Song)” video below:


Video Director: Aristides Moreno

Contributor: Alise Ketnere (Fox Lima), Jose Luis Lopez Guillen, Jon Behari

Supervisor: Michael Cretu
The original release can be read/seen at www.enigmasocialsong.com.

Image source: www.enigmasocialsong.com

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